“Always great service and good prices. Joe has really helped me out when rebuilding my pump and motor several times. Saved me a ton of money and was glad to help. Rare these days!! Nowadays most people are annoyed that you’re trying to spend money in their establishment! Not here.”

Thaddeus Y.

“Great experience. Got our pool 2 years ago. The installation was fast and perfect. We are using Pristine Blue and it’s extremely easy to maintain. Just opened my pool and it looks as clear and clean as the day I closed it. During the summer I take a sample over every 2 weeks, they test it free and let me know what to add. So far, no problems. I highly recommend them.”

Phil D.

“We had a wonderful sales and customer service experience with Chris and the team! We are so grateful we chose Dolphin Pools & Spa after working with others, you just can’t beat Dolphin. They’re established, knowledgeable, and the best in town!”

M Riley

“We just had our pool pump fixed. We needed to have a few extra things done to it and I have to say Dolphin Pool was wonderful. No one else wanted to work on it, but they came out and did a great job – and for what I felt was a very fair price! My technician’s name was Joshua. Just wanted to recommend them if anyone needs above ground pool repair. It seems to be really hard to find!”

Marilyn B.

“Joe in the repair dept is awesome. He took the time at the end of a long day to look at and repair the seal in my pool pump. It was stubborn and he thought he might have to leave it overnight but he endured and got it done saving me a trip some 20+ miles. To come and pick it back up! Thanks Joe.”

Jeff L.

“We were having issues with a beaded liner we had purchased elsewhere and after calling another pool supply store in Tulsa and getting no help, I called Dolphin. A lady named Michelle, at the Tulsa store was SO INCREDIBLY HELPFUL. She even told me to email her pictures and she would take us through it step by step since we live in another town and couldn’t make it into the store. Thankfully, after talking with me, we were able to get it figured out and installed. VERY knowledgeable and SUPER helpful. This kind of customer service is a rarity these days and it is VERY much appreciated. Won’t EVER call the other pool store again!

Tracey S.

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