Jul 26th, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Ron M.

It seems as if today’s society has become so fast-paced we don’t take the time to recognize nor acknowledge a job well done.

I’d like to take time right now to commend you for being flanked by such a fine sales and service staff.

Dick Boyer of your sales staff has the patience of Job! After almost 3 weeks of phone calls, questions and onsite visits, I finally appeared in his office with all the required paperwork. After reviewing such, I asked Dick if he would please move as quickly as possible so as not to allow my husband to have a “change of heart”. Much to my surprise, Dick was on the phone with me the following morning asking if this was quick enough.

My entire family watched the installation process with all the normal high anticipation I’m sure every first-time pool owner experiences. We were extremely impressed with their speed, professionalism, and patience. With the temperature in the mid -90’s and way high humidity, they never seemed to falter or take any breaks! Their dedication (and sweat!) made me feel guilty that I was watching from the window of my air conditioned living room and not out there helping!

Dick Hershman, along with his son Jeff and Mark Walker make a fine crew. Hold on to them Dolphin, there aren’t too many like them!

Please pass my comments on to each of the above. I realize my letter is rather lengthy, but my husband and I agree they are the best.

Mr. & Mrs. Ron M.
Tulsa, OK

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