Jul 26th, 2012

Joe and Gale

When we contracted you to build our new pool, we were anxious for it to begin and more anxious for its completion. We were excited and very pleased with the final result and eagerly jumped in, even though it was late in the season of 2006 and the water was rather chilly. 2007 rolled around and we began in earnest taking advantage of the relief a pool provides but were having problems with a continuum of proper chlorine and alkalinity balance. The pH level was never an issue.

During ’07, and ’08 it was a constant battle, costing a lot to recover from green, brown, and gold and black algae, not to mention water so cloudy it reminded me of the early morning fog in London. We consulted with you many times and every time your recommendations to correct this problem worked but when it rained or got too hot we were once again fighting an uphill battle to maintain crystal clear, chemically balanced water.

This year is a whole other story. For those customers of yours who are even remotely thinking of converting to a salt water system, THINK NO MORE, JUST DO IT! We have had the system since we opened our pool in late April and have done absolutely NOTHING but turn it on and enjoy the water. It is constantly clear, in balance and it is idiot proof! If anyone wants confirmation you can contact us directly and we will stand by this system. It is an amazing product and anyone who does not want to incur the extra cost during their new pools installation is foolish because eventually you will relent and get one. Unless, however, you like weekly trips to your local pool chemical supply store, doing the work of adding waiting and measuring again and again, and never knowing if the pool party or barbecue you have planned for a special occasion will provide you with a sparkling clear pool. Fear not with a salt system!

Thank you soooo much,
Joe and Gale
Broken Arrow, OK

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