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Made in the USA to Last a Lifetime

EnduraFrame – The 100% Wood-Free, Lifetime, Hot Tub Structure

From the ground up, your Bullfrog Spa is built to be dependable and long lasting.

EnduraFrame hot tub support structure


number 1 Built To Last a Lifetime

The long-lasting design of the entire spa foundation makes your Bullfrog Spa a lifetime value. The EnduraBase™ is a molded ABS plastic base made without wood or metal so it will not rot or corrode. The molded base has three convenient electrical chaseways, a retractable exterior drain for easy access, and a rodent screen to keep out unwanted visitors.

number 2The Engineering Envy of the Entire Industry

Every part of the Bullfrog Spa Foundation is precisely built and fits together the same way every time. The EnduraFrame™ supports are injection-molded Z-beams that create an exact connection between the base, shell, and cabinet. These injection molded components are stronger than a traditional wood cabinet and will last much longer than a metal frame that can rust.

number 3What You Don’t See Matters

Quality drives every decision at Bullfrog Spas. Even components that you do not see, like the EnduraFrame™ support columns, are created with laser precision. These supports are added in high-usage areas to strengthen overall spa integrity and to create an exact match for the spa structure with the rest of the spa.

Precision Built

The EnduraFrame™ structure provides a solid base and support for your hot tub because it fits together with exact precision. The EnduraBeam™ structural columns and spa base are injection molded the exact same way every time with no human error. Your Bullfrog Spa is extremely well-built, durable, and worry-free, allowing you to forget your worries and focus on comfort and relaxation.

Strength and Support

Support for the thousands of pounds of water is provided by dense foam EnduraFrame™ supports that create a solid reinforcement in high-use areas, along with a precise fit between the acrylic spa shell and the spa frame.  The equipment base absorbs any vibration from the industrial grade pumps and provides easy access to all of all spa equipment.

We’ve Thought Out the Details

As a part of the design, the composite molded EnduraBase™ spa base has hand-holds for moving the spa, convenient electrical “chase-ways” for easier electrical connection, vents to keep out unwanted rodents, and an easy-access external drain.

Quality in Every Component

From the base of the spa all the way through to the smallest jet, Bullfrog Spas are built to the highest quality standards. The goal of our manufacturing department and of the entire company is operational excellence and quality for you, the spa owner. Our strict procedural approach to manufacturing greatly reduces the amount of variation or chance for errors in building your spa. When spas are built exactly the same way every time, the result is a quality product that is consistent, dependable, and durable. Your Bullfrog Spa has been designed to fit together with precision and to function perfectly. Each station in the production line has multiple quality checkpoints to ensure that your spa is reliable and worry-free. Why risk it with another spa? In an increasingly competitive world, the focus of Bullfrog Spas is to be the best-built, highest-quality, and most enjoyable spa anywhere. Period!

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