Gracefully curved columns, a beatiful pattern and magnificently sculpted top rails become an elegant centerpiece for both luxury and fun in any family’s backyard.

Tuscany 52″ Pool

Available in:
Round  18′, 24′, 28′
Oval  32′X16′, 32′X18′, 41′X21′


Gorgeous 12″ Vertical Roman Columns

Provides solid, structural support to the top rail clearly making this pool unique in any backyard.

Outstanding 12″ Sculpted Top Rails

Granite in appearance, beautiful in your backyard! Made from resin with built-in top connectors.

Beautiful 3″ Resin Bottom Rails

Fully completes the elegant and unique appeal of this pool. The ingenious design makes the Tuscany easy to assemble with its snap-lock frame.

Steel Pool Frame

Our frame steel leads the industry in terms of protective layers, coatings and treatments to provide unmatched protection against corrosion and abrasion.

Com-Pac™ II Oval Support System

Superior engineering to maximize your pool. No other manufacturer can provide you with the space-saving features of the Com-Pac™ II.

Custom Blended Polyethylene Construction

Provides improved strength, heat deflection and impact resistance.

Snap-Lock Type Frame Assembly

Snap-Lock construction is easy to assemble and offers maximum strength with minimal hardware.

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